It has been a very busy time over this past summer. As many of you have noticed, Yoleo didn’t have much work done on the user facing side for the last few months. Prior to Google Reader shutting down, I worked furiously to get Yoleo delivered in time to allow for as many people to use the integrated importer as posible. As a result of working so hard for those months I neglected my other work and therefore had to spend the summer catching up on it. Also, I was racing my bike.

So what’s going on now? Good news: Yoleo is under active development again! I have placed ads for users on the free plan so that Yoleo can make some revenue to cover the hosting costs. One of my primary goals for Yoleo is to not have it shut down like so many other readers have. Part of fulfilling that goal is making enough revenue to cover costs. With that complete I’m going to get rolling on two of the most requested features:

  1. Mobile
  2. Reorganization of the subscriptions list

I’m pretty excited about implementing the mobile version of Yoleo. It is something that is very much in demand :)

Thanks for your patients while I recouped over the summer.

All the best,
Jamie Gilgen