Wow, what a week it has been! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jamie Gilgen and I am the creator and developer of Yoleo Reader. I have consulted through Unspace Interactive for the past three years and I love it. I also love writing code and thinking through tough user experience problems. As soon as I heard that Google Reader was shutting down I knew that there was a golden opportunity to build something great. Here we are!

Right now Yoleo has the base features I thought was necessary to launch. That being said, the features that are present have been thought out thoroughtly so as to give the best user experience possible. That’s not to say what is here is perfect but we’re working towards as close to perfection as we can get. Shawn and I really value a beautiful user experience and we want to bring that to light with Yoleo.

Speaking of Shawn, he is the resident designer for Yoleo and also works out of Unspace. We’ve worked together on many projects such as Fauxflash. Shawn is a master of dependability and fast turnaround of stellar design.

Further on the design front, the first person designing for Yoleo was Jorge Villalobos who designed most of the branding of Yoleo, such as our beautiful logo. Secondly, Mustefa Jo’shen got a lot of the current layout in place. Finally, Yoleo would be in a lot of trouble if it weren’t for the amazing database level work by Shey Sewani. Thanks for all the help you guys!

We have a whole lot of features that we’re working on. It has been a very busy week and Shawn and I are incredibly excited at the feedback that Yoleo is receiving. We’re getting lots of bug reports, praise, and great suggestions.

We love hearing feedback so if there is anything that doesn’t work as expected or could be better, drop us a line.