Hello friends. I just wanted to give a quick note to let you know what is being worked on and some of the commonly reported issues people are having. Before that though, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the fantastic feedback that you’re sending! I’m loving hearing how people are using Yoleo and the ideas that you all have for how to make it better.

The two biggest complaints people have been having are the font weight and no ability to go into a “waterfall” of news. I’m working on what I’m calling headline mode which will allow you to scroll through a list of articles continuously. Also in headline mode, the article list on the right will essentially become the whole width of the content area.

Regarding font weight, we need to come up with a solution. There is nothing in between the current weight and one that is much darker so we have been trying to find some other strategies. What we will likely end up doing is providing a configuration option for which font you would like to use. That will also help everyone in non-latin character sets :)

Third big feature I’m working on is an improved subscription and article list. Lots of people want the article list sorted by oldest first, so that’s coming. The subscription list will soon be able to be re-organized by drag and will be able to be re-ordered alphabetically or by user preference. Folders will also be able to be managed in the next release.

Coming Soon…

Article list

  • Sortable by oldest first
  • Faster navigation

Subscription list features

  • Filterable by read, starred, all
  • Drag and drop reorganization
  • Folder management
  • Manual refresh

A few bugs we’ve been fixing

  • Shortcuts don’t work in Firefox
  • Feeds not updating frequently

Thanks again!